i'm an illustrator, concept artist, cosplayer, and nerd with a penchant for femininity and love of all things childish. this tumblr mostly consists of art, cute things, fandom stuff, costumes, and feminism.

so…cosplay! here’s myself as Rarity measuring Fluttershy with perv!Spike in the background. this photo is from last halloween’s pony group and has just been sitting on my laptop waiting to see the world. i belieeeve the original was taken by egriz, with minor hipster editing by me. i hope it’s okay to post it here; i always found this one too cute not to share.

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    This is my favorite photo of Fluttershy from the shoot. Of course, this is the horrible one I took with my iphone, since...
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    Hehe this was so much fun! I loved that photo shoot so much.
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  9. egriz said: I’m just glad most of our ponies are online now, so I don’t have to wonder if they don’t want their pictures up! This one was so cute, in my opinion.
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