i'm an illustrator, concept artist, cosplayer, and nerd with a penchant for femininity and love of all things childish. this tumblr mostly consists of art, cute things, fandom stuff, costumes, and feminism.

happy halloween, tumblr! here’s my last minute halloween costume…i seem to have left bits and pieces of all my other cosplays at home, so this was my only “full” costume on hand. i was invited to a costume party with my new roomie. however due to a lack of bronies in this area, probably no one there will be able to figure out who i am. but i bet you guys can. you guys are great like that.

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  5. nokki1 said: You are Rarity <3 Have fun!!!
  6. dauntless-slytherin-valkyrie said: i thought you were Hotaru from Sailor Moon
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    AaaaahhhHHHHHHHHHHH Kelsey you ARE Rarity, you adorable thing you.
  8. notamorningbird said: I was Gypsy Pinkie Pie! Only a few little girls that I gave candy out to got my costume….
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