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  1. loco-lobo answered: no…but then i am emotinoly detachd…maby thats why ill never have a girlfrend
  2. thebaconsandwichofregret answered: When I’ve fallen in love with people it’s been with people I’ve known for a while. I become really good friends with someone and then BAM!
  3. sunshineandsuperheroes answered: …I believe in infatuation at first sight? But yeah, no, I think real romantic love requires actually, y’know, KNOWING the person. :)
  4. kayleesprettypinkdress answered: I believe in love at first conversation
  5. missgeeksalot answered: isnt it better referred to as hornyness at firstsight?
  6. momosmoment answered: I believe in Crush at first sight
  7. ta2dfreek answered: I believe, it happened to me.
  8. ciaomunch said: idk i’m pretty in love with this sandwich rn and i’ve only been in contact with it for 2 minutes
  9. ciaomunch answered: idk, i
  10. upperstories said: hang on, my response to this question is a bit lengthy and stolen from an author.
  11. egriz said: No. An immediate connection + lust at first sight maybe.
  12. heckofabecca answered: My mom fell in love at first sight— she knew right away he was the man she wanted to marry. It didn’t work out in the end but it was a thing.
  13. fuckyeahcoloringbook answered: Mutual attraction? Yes. Love? No.
  14. thatsamegirl answered: not so much love, but i think you can make a connection with someone right away. i mean, i did with my husband.
  15. womenofmanymasks said: -can happen<3
  16. womenofmanymasks answered: I do. I think that if you run into someone at just the right moment and there be just the right amount of awkwardness and flirty smiles it-
  17. needtherapy answered: Yes. At least, pretty damn close to first sight. What I don’t believe is that it hits both people the same. Voice of experience. :(
  18. justlikewonderful answered: I’m a big romantic, but actually… No. I’m a believer in loving someone for who he/she is, and you just can’t know by only looking, right?
  19. rachelbearenson answered: I believe in attraction or a crush at first sight that can grow into love, but real, true, love at first meeting? No way.
  20. whitachi answered: one word: pizza
  21. ghostlyanon answered: ((I’d like to believe, but…Nope))
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