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the full Avengers Gowns Collection! the full image is pretty large and can be used for a wallpaper. :D

click through for the larger size.

I love all of theseeee. I’m making Thorrr! 

eeeeee if you do, be sure to send me pictures!! c8

the full Avengers Gowns Collection! the full image is pretty large and can be used for a wallpaper. :D

click through for the larger size.

LOKI! EVERYONE LOKI I FINISHED HIS DRESS AFTER ALL THIS TIME! okay, sorry this took so long. it became really tough to work on as i kept second guessing myself. but overall? i’m happy. C;

the rest of the series: [Furi/Coulson/Hill]  [Black Widow/Hawkeye]  [Iron Man/Hulk]  [Thor/Captain America]

Avengers Gowns: Agent Coulson, Director Fury and Agent Hill…uploading these in not quite the order i had planned. for some reason i found the idea both enthralling and hilarious to put Fury in the only really princessy, ballgown-style dress. so i did. XD

i’m not entirely happy with Coulson. i don’t know…all my other designs for him were too fashiony for his personality. but oh well. Loki is nearing completion. i know so many of you are waiting with bated breath. it’s not that his design has given me much trouble so much as that i’m very aware that there’s a lot of pressure for this one…. O___O

oh and btw, SHIELD totally has Hill’s back. i couldn’t resist!
as always, click through for more info.

have a teaser! a couple more dresses will be up in the morning, but not this guy/gal/god/whatever. loki, you’ll hafta wait a biiit longer. because…

Black Widow and Hawkeye: the last of the main 6 avengers gowns! however, that is not the end. i’ll be doing a loki and a fury next. :D click through for more info.

Thor and Captain America, Iron Man and Hulk

black widow and hawkeye will be up tomorrow morning! loki is on his way to a finished design, as is fury. after that, i’m not sure if i’ll continue the series (vaguely considering doing coulson but…he’s kind of a weird one to convert to a gown) unless i have a really good reason to. when i’m done, i’d really like to upload them all together, though. :)

also, i saw someone comment on this and thought i’d clarify as to why i’m calling my series “gowns” despite some of them not conforming to traditional gown length.

first, when i was originally designing them, they were all going to be floor length. i soon changed this simply because i really felt utilizing different dress lengths would be a great way to get across more personality and different silhouettes.

second, the word “gowns” isn’t as casual as the word “dresses,” yet takes a lot less time to say/type than “evening wear.” so avengers gowns it is! i liked the ring to it better anyway. XD

more in the series of avengers gowns! here’s iron man and hulk. hulk was such a struggle…oy. oh well, hope you like them! click through for more info on thought process or whatevs.

of course, meant to go with thor and captain america. black widow and hawkeye are up!


so here’s thor and captain america as evening wear. click through for more info. iron man and hulk are up next!!

edit: they’re up now!! so are black widow and hawkeyeee!