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My Bee cosplay from Wondercon last weekend. I had fun, especially after getting Puppycat. Some people even took pictures of me. I’m surprised!

Puppycat also had to be properly initiated into being my new friend by going to Disney with me.

golly you are too cute!!! adorable bee!

my tink wig arrived today! its a derek in platinum blonde with matching curly clip, all from arda. so far, i’ve done nothing but sort of push it around and OMG it just stays whereever i push it. i think i’ll take it in in the back to better fit my head, and then figure out how big i want the bangs to be and maybe trim some of the excess back around my ears or at the nape?? and i also have to style the curly clip into an actual, sorta coming off the head, bun.


I just noticed that I haven’t shared any pictures of my oppulent Belle photoshooting at Castle Solitude yet! There you go, I hope you like it!

Prince Adam - Naraku Brock
Belle - Aigue-Marine

Photo + Edit by B1NH Photography


Debuted Genderbend Ariel yesterday!

Technically sex-bended because sex is biological while gender is what one identifies one to be.

Now I know my bad angles as Ariel and what I should or should not do. In this case don’t do any of the poses I did unless I want to look bad on purpose.

And I worked out before for the week but my body was so exhausted that everything just reverted back to prework out. Thanks… and then the day after my workout progress reappeared.

i know there’s some discussion happening in the cosplay community as to whether “genderbend” is the right term to use for this type of cosplay. maybe “masculine ariel” is better? anyway, i really like it how it turned out!! wish i saw more of this outfit for ariel in general, as well as more masculine versions of the princesses! amazing job! :D


I feel like I’m kind of akward in front of a camera so I’m trying to learn some posing techniques. Elite Cosplay’s video is super helpful if you are someone like me who feels like they one have 1 or 2 “looks” for photos. 

tonight is a night for thinking about ears!

so i have two cosplays coming up that involve pointy ears. i’ve cosplayed tinker bell in the past without ‘em, but this time i really want to step up my game! the problem is that i really don’t feel like getting more than one pair of pointy latex ear tips, so finding one that works as a perfect in between is my goal…. but i’m having trouble finding the right ones. here’s what i’m looking at right now:

  • Wood Elf Ears- these i like a lot, especially for tauriel! i’m not sure if it’s dainty enough to work for tink also? i can also get them prepainted and with liquid latex on this website!
  • Small Elf Ears- very cute, but probably not long enough for either character
  • CottageEmporium Elf Ears- cute, dainty shape! but not quite accurate to either character. maybe this is what in between looks like…?

if anyone has any links or experience with this sort of thing i’m all ears (ha! get it! i’m dumb) so please feel free to tell me! any suggestions??


Lady Thor full body shot! Yay!

After a roller coaster evening last night this was the final shot of the evening.

Still debating if I want to bead the bottom.

what a goddess! you look absolutely gorgeous, and i love how it flares out at the bottom! ❤ v


Due to Popular request I’ve finally got around to making the tutorial for how we made the open front petticoats for Goddess Madoka and Walpurgisnacht. Now, before I get into the details about the making process let me give you a little behind the scenes; When I first set about to making the pair of costumes I had no idea how to do the open front, nor had I seen any tutorials online on how to do this except from making your own cage, which I didn’t have the ability to do in our house. So- The process I used was one based on trial and error; Madoka’s petticoat was the one I made first, and Walpurgis’ was the one I made for the tutorial.

Now! On to the Tutorial! You can find the details under the cut—-

Difficulty Rating:  - Basic techniques that can be perfected over time

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It just keeps…… getting. …. better



It just keeps…… getting. …. better


All together as Lady Thor. Oh god!

omg!!! i love the chains! Cx


Another MegaCon pic. :D Thor and Loki have caught a Vaporeon!

more like vaporeon has caught you!!


Finally Part 3 of our MegaCon Cosplay Video Series

oh hey! shaun and i are at 2:36!!