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the furries are getting stronger


Princess Neptune and Princess Uranus - Metrocon ‘14

Neptune - katarinacosplay

Uranus - necroticnymph

Photos by Mitchell and edited by Samantha Wood



when they say youre too old for disney

The hop, I can’t. I cackled.


Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls Cosplay

Photographed by ponchovillaart

Bill cosplayed by myself, around4oclock

Featuring the awesome WTNV Cecil Palmer and a fellow Gravity Falls cosplayer as Dipper Pines whom I was lucky enough to run into randomly at the con!


Casting clear gems with EpoxACast

Video tutorial

Short, written tutorial [video has more information, this is just a little summary!]:


  • Chavant NSP Medium
  • Oomoo 30 
  • Ease Release 200 
  • EpoxACast 690 Clear


  • Cutter
  • Scalpel
  • Spatulae
  • hotglue gun
  • scoops

ATTENTION!! Your health and safety should always come first! Please read the safety instructions that come with the materials and follow them!

  1. The basic shape of the gem is cut from clay.
  2. The facets are cut into it and smoothened with water
  3. The silicone is being mixed. Attention! Please follow the safety instructions for working with silicone! Mixing ratio is 1:1 and you’re done mixing once there are no pink or blue stains in the silicone.
  4. Only when all air bubbles have vanished (yet before pot life expires), the silicone is poured in a thin stream from the deepest point of the moldbox.
  5. After 6 hrs the silicone has cured. Before mixing and pouring the resin, I used a release agent. When working with resin, you have to follow the safety instructions and protect your skin, eyes and respiratory system by wearing the necessary protection and working in a well ventilated area! Mixing ratio is 100 parts of epoxy to 30 parts of hardener. Use a kitchen scale to measure, stir carefully so there will be no bubbles, pour carefully.
  6. After 24 hours the epoxy is cured and hard. You can now demold it.
  7. Pro-tip: Put mirrorfoil behind it for le shine!

You can find aditional information about the materials and possibilities this technique gives you in my facebook-gallery on this topic!


Metrocon 2014 cellphone quality pictures are up! 

hey, that’s me as tink! thanks for taking my picture! :D

IT’S OFFICIAL. I’VE PUT MONEY INTO IT. I’M GOING TO BE COSPLAYING TAURIEL!! hopefully, i can get my bum into gear and have this baby done for Tampa Bay Comic Con in a few weeks!! AND my loverly boyfriend has agreed officially to be my Thranduil, so we’ve ordered his wig along with mine just now! if all else fails, we’ll just wear the basics of the costumes (wig, ears, crown) and be casual, party-elves, but hopefully we can get the costumes finished in time. c:

Maccha Latte: Girl By Daylight Cosplay Tumblr//Facebook
Prince Peridot: Amanda S.
Series: Sakizo’s Designs Afternoon Tea and Romantic Jewels
Photographer: Art and Rhinos - Facebook//Tumblr//Website


Some Disney cosplays from Metro. These are just barely scratching the surface of all the Disney cosplayers I’ve seen this weekend. (Side note: I didn’t take the top two pics.)

If you know anybody here, please add a name or URL if you can. Thank you! :)

the zarina cosplayer is nooby-banana! C:


Found a lot of Disney peeps! Very excited! You all look great!

yay selfies! i’m the tinker bell, and nooby-banana is the zarina in this set!