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making tights into gloves for my sally costume because i dont want to wear body paint all over



Saturday at NYCC 2014- me as Mulan’s grandma/Grandma Fa



Captain Amelia cosplay :D !

This one is close to my heart—- Childhood feels all the way !

Still needs a lot of adjustments here and there before I’m truly happy with it, but I really do gave fun every time I strut around as Amelia.

【Cure Cos】:
【World Cosplay】


Photos from Mickey’s Halloween Party last night with nokki1 and our continuing habit of making the weirdest crossovers.

Some of the photos are from Nokki’s instagram page. Check it out!

Also bonus candy haul:

ahhh i wish i could go with you guys!!


ATTENTION COSPLAYERS: I based Korra’s new Book 4 boots on existing ones. They’re vegan, which is cool. Maybe I’ll rock a pair too. Here’s a link where you can order them:


Cosplay Boom: Origins 1. We are releasing Cosplay Boom The Series on Instagram in 15 second bites because no one has tried that before :) Help us make Cosplay Boom by pledging on Patreon #cosplay #cosplay boom


Morrigan Aensland Cosplay

Photographies by Mengjie Luan
Cosplay by Yan

cuttlefish3011:  Actually, Nooby, Yaya Han is kind of not awesome. She's known for fat shaming people, and she's stolen some people's skits for cosplay competitions. She's also one of the stars of Heroes or Cosplay, which is widely despised for its misrepresentation of the community. Not to diminish her point, cosplay does not equal consent, but I thought that you should know.


Can I have sources for the fat shaming and stealing skits? I’ve heard all of these things but I’ve never seen any sources. All I know about her is a) I really like her cosplays, and b) I met her briefly at a con and she was sweet and charming as can be. She let my roomie borrow some eyelash glue in a pinch!

And Heroes of Cosplay is a terrible show mostly, but that’s not the cosplayers’ fault. I can go on and on about how much I dislike that show but not once would I blame the participating cosplayers. They likely didn’t know it would be played up as a weird drama when they signed on.

based on what i’ve seen of her blog and in videos, she’s been really body-positive and is very much for people not limiting themselves in cosplay [for example]. i think a lot of vitrol gets thrown her way by virtue of being famous, which can be a huge burden in and of itself.

also, it’s pretty crappy to judge anyone based on Heroes of Cosplay. her participation in it certainly isn’t the issue most cosplayers take with it. in fact, i like the cosplayers in it and think i could learn a lot from them! what is less cool is the editing and prompting the producers decide to do with it. and that’s all on syfy, not yaya.




can we talk about this

Took me a second but I finally got it… LMFAO!

Oh god!


Working on my Gadget costume for Mickey’s Halloween party 🎃

ahhhh you’re so cute!!


Some more photos from our shoot at AX!

Photographer: Vang Her

Astrid: Nokki



Tenten Cosplay // kimchisenpai




You’re a  cosplayer by night, but what are you by day?

Just a fun little project to show the variety of people that cosplay and attempt to bring people together. I know this has been done before in other ways, but I’d like to give it a try, but I’d like to have as many people to participate as possible.

To participate….

  • Post a picture of yourself on here in cosplay holding a sign saying what you do for a living(preferably something you get paid for) or what you’re going to college/school for.
  • Tag the post with #cosplayerwhatsyourdayjob. If you decide to do it on facebook, tag my page.
  • All photos will be shared on both this page (side blog will be made if there are enough responses) and on the Cadebee Creations page.
  • Somewhere in the photo’s caption, please note as to whether or not you’d like to be tagged when I share the photo. If you don’t say anything, I won’t tag you. Either way, I’ll link you to your post.

Halloween is fast approaching, so this would be a perfect opportunity!

reblogging to remind myself to do this either for when i dress up for mnsshp or for actual halloween!!