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THERE ARE DIFFERENT KINDS OF PEONIES idk which one so i just drew the one that most people use

I’m sorry it’s no vrery detailed lies on my side


 Flowers, Love and Money by Rebecca Louise Law

Site-specific installations of an upside down garden with flowers hanging form the ceiling. 


First snow, Tues Nov 12 - in the garden - pink roses


What Happens When You Freeze Flowers and Shoot Them With a Gun?

By Joseph Stromberg

Photos © Martin Klimas

German photographer Martin Klimas has a thing for explosions. Previously, he’s made art by photographing shattered fragile ceramic figures as they hit the ground and firing projectiles at onions, pumpkins and ears of corn.

Now, he’s brought this explosive approach to a new medium: flower blossoms in full bloom, frozen by liquid nitrogen.

“I was inspired by the blossoms themselves,” he says of his new project, “Exploding Flowers,” which he worked on for nearly a year and publicly debuted about a month ago. “There are so many different forms and species on the planet. I was interested in the blossom’s architecture, and I tried to make that visible by breaking the blossom into as many pieces as possible.”

To achieve this, he sought out flowers with particularly complex internal structures and froze them to -200° Celsius in liquid nitrogen. Once they were frozen, he had to be careful. “They’re as fragile as raw eggs,” he says. “You can destroy them by sneezing.”

After the flowers were frozen, he brought them to his set and placed the stem in a vice to hold the blossom in front of a white background. He used a normal air gun rigged with a device that let him remotely pull the trigger, and took a series of shots right at the moment of impact.

Read more about Martin Klimas’ unique photography and see more photos at


Beautifully designed traditional Japanese Kanzashi hair ornaments by Sakae



Before bloom & once bloomed

hoya bella - Shooting Star

AGH these things are so adorable that I’ve GOT to do something with them…

i couldn’t remember if i ever shared this piece with tumblr or not. this was my senior self portrait from my last year at ringling and was printed along side the rest of my class’s self portraits on a poster i still have in my room at home.

um….i want to wear these? is that normal? it’s just so beautiful…