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not sure how far i’ll go into this second monster girl challenge, but here’s a water nymph or a naiad.


here’s a cutie satyr girl that i really, really want to do more art of—at least something colored.

i promised art! i didn’t promise good art. here’s a bunch of crappy sketches from that monster girl challenge that i should have completed. more on the way! also, shaun has given me some fun fantasy character prompts, so there’s that too maybe.

day 12: zombie. i really don’t like zombies. i think they’re stupid. but here’s a zombie cowgirl because i don’t know why!

Days 10 and 11 in the monster girl challenge. for “true monster” i had no idea what to do. i based it on this monster from this one episode of So Weird that has haunted me since childhood. it was like this mass of darkness just floating in a room, so simple but quite effective for the embodiment of fear i thought.

i’m trying to catch up! although now i’m still a day behind….i don’t know what to draw for zombie. i don’t like zombies.

here’s a fire demon for you all!! now, if i can only manage to finish my succubus today then i’ll be back on track! am i the only one that thought it was kind of weird to have demon and succubus right next to one another on the list?

a day late, but i’m feeling a bit better now. here’s the octomaid! i’ll try to get the next one out quick. :|

btw, she’s going for a day at the beach. :D

plant girl! this one’s fairly simple today because i need to do other arts tonight.

have a spider girl for day 6! i’ve given up on getting these up before midnight. all this week my prime time for working on/posting these is being taken up by vbs so…yeah.

another late monster girl! i’m sorry!! D:

my love for mermaids made this one difficult because i couldn’t chose a direction to go in because i had too many and then also ran out of time. i kind of went over board with her butt…

day 4: naga. i’m sorry that a) this post is late and b) it sucks. this one just wasn’t going to work and i give up and goodnight. :C

day 3: slime!

my first version for this one had a skeleton surrounded by translucent green slime, but it wasn’t working. and then i remembered this idea i had before i fell asleep last night to give her a sort of stone exoskeleton. she looks kinda scifi alien slime princess now, and that’s just fine. PRINCESS OF THE SLIME PEOPLE.

second day of 30 monster girls challenge! if any of you know me, you will know that i luuurve centaurs. Disney’s Fantasia was what made me really interested in drawing and those centaurettes were just my favorite. seriously. X3

the first in the 30 days of monster girls series! i just finished this one, and then i saw sanity’s harpy girl and didn’t want to post mine because her’s was so adorable and mine’s just kinda creepy. but Shaun made me do it anyway. good on you, Shaun. now i gotta make myself work on environments. uugh.